Never Leave Your Wingman

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Highway From the Danger Zone, Part 1

Summer is in full swing, kids are out of school, and a season of celebration is upon us. From recent Father’s Day to upcoming Independence Day, we glide along relaxing winds from one to the next with eager expectation. Summer, after all, is a time for vacations. and the importance of time with loved ones is no trivial thing.

Some of us might right now be on a vacation getaway or flanked by those close to us as we hover over the backyard grill. Even days or weeks ahead of these events, we are lifted by the updrafts of anticipation, evidenced in this work by the Russel Sage Foundation. The merits of family time aren’t enjoyed just by us exclusively, however. This study. published by Harvard expresses how children also benefit from these moments of togetherness.

As the 4th of July advances on the horizon, consider not just our anticipation, but also the excitement of those around us. Consider the points delineated in this TEDxYouth video about family. Like the lesson learned and emphasized by Top Gun’s Maverick, we shouldn’t disregard our wingmen.

Those wingmen and wingwomen flying alongside us in our professional lives may also be looking forward to enjoying time with loved ones. It’s up to us to allow our teams to drift happily into family time and away from the danger zone.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
– Dr. Seuss

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