Develop Competencies At Scale

Know Thyself

  • Help employees increase their self-awareness, gain a deeper understanding of personal strengths and blind spots, and guide their personal and professional growth with the Prism® psychometric algorithm.
  • Prism® measures 54 key traits and attributes across six integrated modules, including Personality (Primary and Under Pressure), Processing, Decision Making, Conflict Management, Motivation, and Fundamental Needs.
  • The comprehensive Prism® “Portrait” provides a rich, nuanced understanding of the “whole person” in easy-to-understand language.
Align Development with Organizational Priorities

Develop & Grow

  • Individuals embark on a development journey, automated and personalized by their Prism® results, to improve the skills that most impact personal and professional life – their people skills.
  • The Prism® algorithm recommends practice areas precisely suited for the individual, presenting a tailored mix of digital content, coaching, and development programs.
  • Individuals can add recommended development topics to their individual development plans (IDPs), receive 360-degree (multi-rater) feedback, and unlimited, on-demand access to premium learning content.
Optimize Any Competency Model

Be Sure of Yourself

  • Empower individuals to amplify their people skills with integrated relationship and communication advisor tools.
  • Powered by an individual’s Prism® Portrait, the Relationship Advisor tool offers real-time coaching to enhance communication in both personal and professional 1-on-1 interactions.
  • Relationship Advisor provides two individuals with actionable advice to improve collaboration, reduce conflict, and strengthen their relationship.
Align Development with Organizational Priorities

Premium Content Featuring Harvard Business Publishing (HBP)

  • PERSONALIZED EXCELLENCE: Enrich the people skills development journey by seamlessly integrating premium Harvard Business Publishing content. With every step, science-driven recommendations align an individual’s unique Prism® Portrait with the best of HBP’s 17,000+ top-tier resources.
  • ELEVATE LEARNING: Unlock exclusive access to Harvard Business Publishing’s vast knowledge center of expertise. Organized across SurePeople’s 75 practice areas, each piece of content is recommended based on an individual Prism® Portrait, ensuring a truly personalized learning experience.
  • MASTER & THRIVE: Harness the collective wisdom of renowned authorities, Harvard academics, and industry trailblazers. Amplify people skills and high-performance behaviors with content that not only educates but also inspires, propelling individuals towards both personal and professional mastery.
Thought Leadership and Leadership Development Resources:
People Skills Development Resources for Your Reference:

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