Career Skills Assessment & Development

Assess and Develop Professional, Technical, and Career Skills to Elevate and Retain Talent

Develop Competencies At Scale

Modern Skills Development at Scale

  • Leverage our skills manager capabilities to receive more accurate, relevant, and actionable insights into individual performance and skills development needs.
  • Engage employees to identify and close skills and behavioral gaps more effectively.
  • Gather feedback from managers and peers and view individual and group trends in skill-building over time, significantly improving the quality of assessment reports for learners and leaders at a fraction of the cost of human-based assessment services.
Align Development with Organizational Priorities

Seamless LMS and LXP Integration

  • Increase end-user adoption, engagement and satisfaction with existing LMS and LXP offerings by integrating the Prism® psychometric algorithm.
  • Seamlessly integrate the SurePeople platform with existing HR ecosystems.
  • Maximize ROI from current HR and learning technologies investments.
Optimize Any Competency Model

Optimize Any Competency Model

  • Leverage the platform’s integrated competency models or import your own competencies.
  • Align learning with competencies to accelerate development.
  • Conduct root cause analyses by uniquely synthesizing key data sets, including who people are (Prism® psychometric data), how people think and feel (anonymous survey data) and how people behave and perform (competency data).
People-Centric Solutions for the New World of Work

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