Develop Essential Leadership Skills for the Future of Work

Align the Team

  • Accelerate executive and leaders’ understanding of their teams with comprehensive Prism® psychometrics and Team Insights Survey data.
  • Harness Prism® psychometric insights to obtain a detailed view of 54 key traits and attributes for each team member.
  • Empower leaders and members alike to nurture collaborative relationships and streamline the assimilation of new members by pairing Prism® insights with the Team Intelligence survey, which unveils team sentiments and sources of conflict.
Support Leaders In the Flow of Work with Powerful Tools For Increased Effectiveness

Develop the Team

  • Leverage digital development strategies, personalized by the Prism® Portrait, to enhance the people skills of team leaders and members that most impact their personal and professional lives.
  • Develop and cultivate collaborative behaviors proven to reduce employee burnout, improve employee satisfaction, and decrease turnover.
  • Enable leaders and team members to add recommended development topics to their individual development plans (IDPs), receive 360-degree (multi-rater) feedback, and access premium learning content on one integrated platform.
Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today with Unbiased Data

Optimize the Team

  • Guide team members with personalized communication strategies for impactful 1-on-1 meetings with the integrated Relationship Advisor tool.
  • Provide leaders with essential team insights, spotlighting strengths and potential areas of concern, with the integrated Team Advisor tool.
  • Empower leaders with coaching strategies to navigate team dynamics, fostering a collaborative, agile, and psychologically secure team environment.

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