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The People Data That Really Matters

SurePeople synthesizes three critical data sets – who people are, how people think/feel and how people behave/perform – to derive predictive insights and deliver prescriptive actions for every leader, team and mission-critical employee in your organization.

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Gather & Synthesize Data

To optimize individual, team and organizational performance, SurePeople’s platform gathers and synthesizes three critical data sets:

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Prism Psychometrics

Understand how each person in your organization is uniquely wired by measuring 54 key traits and attributes across Personality & Personality Under Pressure; Processing; Decision Making; Motivation; Conflict Management; and, Fundamental Needs. Prism provides talent with the richest, most nuanced psychometric portrait for increasing self-awareness, understanding strengths & blind spots and guiding personal & professional growth.

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WorkforceX (Employee Experience Survey)

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your workforce across key indices such as Leadership, Engagement, Burnout, Psychological Safety, Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion and Agility & Resilience. WorkforceX delivers next-gen predictive and prescriptive people analytics standards for navigating and thriving in the new world of work.

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ERT-i Behavioral Analytics

Measure and develop Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence (ERT-i) with integrated 360-degree feedback capability, a competency manager and world-class prescriptive learning content. The ERT-i behavioral model drives high-impact leadership behaviors – across all organizational levels – scientifically proven to reduce burnout, increase engagement and optimize high performance.

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SurePeople synthesizes data about who people are, how people think/feel and how people behave/perform to reveal actionable insights for all stakeholders.

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