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SurePeople synthesizes three critical data sets – who people are, how people think/feel and how people behave/perform – to help leaders make data-driven decisions and optimize team performance.

Prism Psychometrics

Discover who people are with Prism Psychometrics

The industry’s most powerful psychometric and personal development tool

Developed, enhanced and scientifically proven over three decades, SurePeople’s Prism is a simple 30-minute online assessment.

Prism’s powerful algorithm analyzes more than 50 human traits and power skills to reveal each person’s unique strengths, growth opportunities and unrealized potential.

Prism has helped senior executives, team leaders and mission-critical employees significantly increase self-awareness, drive alignment and optimize personal development for work and life success.

Prism captures over 50 human traits and attributes:

  • Primary Personality
  • Personality Under Pressure
  • Processing
  • Decision Making
  • Motivation
  • Fundamental Needs
  • Conflict Management
Employee Feedback

Discover how people think/feel with ongoing measurement of employee engagement.

Real-Time Employee Feedback Analytics and Insights for Team Leaders

SurePeople features a comprehensive library of employee experience, team and culture surveys around topics such as leadership, engagement and trust. Leaders also have the ability to create custom surveys and gather real-time feedback about critical issues.

Competency Models

Discover how people behave and perform with competency models for success.

Emotional, Relational and Team Intelligence for Work and Life Success

SurePeople’s Emotional, Relational and Team Intelligence (ERT-i) competency model builds skills that have never been more relevant for the modern workforce: the ability to master one’s emotions, the ability to relate to others and the ability to collaborate with others as part of a high-performance team.

Our platform also integrates any organization’s custom competency model to drive personalized digital learning & development.

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SurePeople synthesizes data about who people are, how people think/feel and how people behave/perform to reveal actionable insights for all stakeholders.

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