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We empower leaders to build great teams and team members to achieve great things.

Increase Team Effectiveness

  • Increase leaders’ and team members’ self-awareness with Prism’s powerful data-driven insights about individual personality, decision making, conflict management, motivation and fundamental needs
  • Help team members develop higher Emotional, Relational, and Team intelligence (ERT-i)
  • Strengthen the power skills necessary to motivate, inspire and lead
collage of three individuals and their processing psychometics processing graphs

Building Team Alignment

  • Leverage synthesized people data to gain a deeper understanding of team composition and dynamics
  • Identify each team member’s strengths, traits and attributes and what they need to perform at their highest levels
  • Align teams based on required skills and competencies and maintain teams’ continuous alignment with evolving business strategy
team engagement surveys results as a trend and and example of questions

Drive Team Engagement & Performance

  • Leverage synthesized people data and precision insights to pinpoint the root cause of team conflict
  • Improve team communication and build trust
  • Optimize development through self-directed Action Plans and digital development programs powered by customized content, on-demand video coaching and continuous measurement & feedback

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