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Develop Competencies At Scale

The Ultimate Coaches’ Toolkit for Maximizing Athlete Performance

  • Gain the deepest understanding of what each athlete needs to perform at their highest level, based on 54 key traits and attributes measured by Prism®.
  • Game-Day Player Cards provide coaches with an at-a-glance, Prism® psychometric “portrait” of every athlete with insights about how to precisely communicate to get each athlete in their best, game-ready mindset.
  • Communication Advisor, Team Advisor, and Team Survey tools provide coaching staff with Prism® portrait comparisons and comprehensive team analytics, with actionable insights for improving 1-on-1 and group communication, building trust, defusing conflict, and strengthening team cohesion.
The Power of leading with empathy
Align Development with Organizational Priorities

Fast-Track Athlete Development
& Self-Mastery

  • Accelerate each player’s growth and self-mastery with personalized, science-driven development. The Prism® algorithm automates prescriptive development recommendations based on each athlete’s unique Prism® portrait and curates premium learning content and programs.
  • Give each athlete a personalized roadmap for achieving greater self-awareness, identifying personal strengths and blind spots, and mastering their emotional state – on and off the playing field.
  • Develop power skills and leadership behaviors proven to strengthen team chemistry, support game-ready mindsets, and improve the overall athlete experience.
Mental Health and the Student Athlete Experience
Optimize Any Competency Model

Leverage Next-Level Talent
Acquisition Analysis

  • Provide your organization’s talent acquisition team with powerful precision insights about prospective talent with Prism® psychometric data and advanced analytics.
  • Reveal prospective recruits’ greatest strengths and growth opportunities, including how they will relate to coaches and other players, what motivates them, how they perform while under pressure, and how they will likely impact those areas most critical to your team’s success.
  • The Ideal Portrait Match tool provides coaches and front office personnel with deep views into the talent pool, based on aggregate Prism® profiles. Profiles can be used to match talent with current open positions, evaluate prospective talent’s likely impact on team chemistry and performance, and reveal an organization’s greatest talent risks and growth opportunities.
An Introduction to Prism Psychometrics
Developed for professional, collegiate and Olympic sports organizations

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