Gain Visibility and Insight Into Your Talent Pipeline to Identify Hidden High-Potentials and Specialists

Develop Competencies At Scale

Achieve Deeper Views into the Organizational Talent Pool

  • Leverage unbiased Prism psychometric data for better talent insights at all organizational levels.
  • Identify, develop and empower previously hidden, high-potential talent.
  • Decrease “buy” spend, while supporting internal mobility and growth opportunities for more diverse or previously hidden talent.
Align Development with Organizational Priorities

Develop and Deploy Talent More Effectively

  • Unlock internal mobility, by matching current employees who meet criteria for critical roles, projects, and teams.
  • Develop a deeper, more diverse talent pipeline by empowering employees with science-driven development via the Prism psychometric algorithm, and the Emotional, Relational, and Team intelligence behavioral model.
  • Develop and measure employee ERT-i behaviors through our 360-degree or 180-degree multi-rater assessment capabilities.
Optimize Any Competency Model

Continuously Monitor Employees’ Development Needs

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your workforce with our next-gen employee experience survey.
  • Get predictive insights across key indices, including Leadership, Engagement, Burnout, Psychological Safety, Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion, and Agility & Resilience.
  • Easily administer employee experience and pulse surveys to teams, business units, or across the entire enterprise.
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