Our Methodology

Data to Insights to Action

SurePeople synthesizes the people data that really matters to derive predictive insights and deliver prescriptive actions for every team leader and mission-critical employee in your organization.

a collage of psychometics we offer including personality and fundamental needs

Our Unique Methodology

graphical representation of our Methodology in an infinite circle, collect and synthesize data to derive predictive insights to deliver perscriptive action

People Data

What makes a team under perform or over achieve? To understand individual and team dynamics, SurePeople collects and analyzes key people data, including:

  • Psychometric data assessing each team member’s Personality, Personality Under Pressure, Processing, Decision Making, Motivation, Conflict Management and Fundamental Needs.
  • Anonymous employee feedback measuring team sentiment across leadership, engagement and trust.
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Predictive Insights

SurePeople’s synthesis of people data reveals root cause issues and predictive insights around team performance, such as:

  • Individuals’ strengths & blind spots and their expected impact on team productivity.
  • Gaps between the leader and team members’ conflict management style and the team’s ability to create healthy dialogue during conflict or pressure.
  • The impact of professional development, recognition and work/life balance.
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Prescriptive Action

Finally, SurePeople delivers prescriptive actions to leaders and team members to increase effectiveness and optimize performance:

  • Individuals create a digital development plan (Action Plan) based on prescriptive recommendations.
  • Action Plans are powered by personalized content and programs on topics such as Collaboration, Communication, Conflict Resolution and Career Management.
  • Leaders and team members can enhance collaboration with platform tools such as Relationship Advisor and Team Advisor.
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Customer Stories

World-class institutions, industry leaders and Fortune 50 companies use our platform to measurably elevate individual, team and organizational performance.

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SurePeople’s Predictive People Analytics was one achievement that has had the greatest impact on our organization

- Chris Newell, PSYD
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The platform unified everything for us and offered our employees an engaging, powerful and transformative experience

- Comcast Senior Director
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I have never worked with a solutions provider more customer service focused than SurePeople

- Susan Recko, Director of Learning
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I continue to be impressed with SurePeople’s platform, the support we receive and the insights we continue to learn about our team

- Cathleen Lowndes, Chief HR Officer

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