HealthforceX TM

Next-gen predictive and prescriptive people analytics standards for improving patient outcomes and empowering the Healthforce for the Future of Healthcare.

Optimize Acquisition, Development and Retention Strategies with The Healthforce Experience Survey

Navigate the Future More Effectively with the HealthforceX Index

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your workforce – the “Healthforce” – across 19 key indices and domains, including Culture, Wellbeing, Engagement and Leadership.
  • Leverage predictive insights about expected turnover, engagement trends, organizational agility and impact on patient experience.
  • Compare your organization’s HealthforceX Index score with industry peers using benchmarking data.
  • Developed in partnership with leading healthcare organizations and independently tested for validity and reliability.
State of the Healthforce Annual Report – Industry Benchmarking

Move From Data to Insights with HealthforceX Analytics

  • Generate deeper, precision insights about the factors that will impact your Healthforce in the coming 12-24 months.
  • Conduct root-cause analyses to identify and mitigate the areas of greatest organizational risk.
  • Optimize talent strategies with targeted interventions that drive better outcomes.
Develop Essential Skills for the Future of Healthcare

Move From Insights to Action with Integrated Talent Management Solutions

  • Empower your Healthforce with integrated talent management solutions across leadership development, team optimization and digital learning.
  • Ensure future Healthforce readiness by developing essential skills and capabilities with our integrated Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence (ERT-i) competency suite.
  • Access the integrated NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model or import custom competency models.
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