for Culture

Build a high-performing, unified culture of trust by cultivating the most valuable people skills in all your people.

Behind every culture and every employee is ERT-i

  • Emotional Intelligence


    How people identify, understand and manage their emotions – and perceive the emotions of others.

  • Relational Intelligence


    How people understand their emotions, relate to and communicate with those around them.

  • Team Intelligence


    How a group of people communicate with each other and effectively work together as a team.

Assess your culture. Spread your mission and values with clarity and consistency. Use a truly customized program that equips everyone with the knowledge and skills needed to unify your culture.

Transform your culture with data

SurePeople's BIG3 Indicators® will give you the insights needed to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your culture, engagement and leadership.

ERT-i for Culture also leverages your performance data and people data to design a customized development program that can be assessed and adjusted on an annual basis.

Align your culture with ERT-i

This on-demand program helps everyone play an active role in creating a human-centered enterprise built on your organizational values, vision and mission.

Through multimedia content and exercises, peer-to-peer learning and self-reflection, your people will be able to develop the skills and attributes found in high performing cultures that exemplify trust, collaboration and communication.

Unify your culture with SurePeople.