for Leaders

A data-driven program that develops the most important human skills shared by the most effective leaders.

ERT-i is what separates ordinary managers from extraordinary leaders.

  • Emotional Intelligence


    How people identify, understand and manage their emotions – and perceive the emotions of others.

  • Relational Intelligence


    How people understand their emotions, relate to and communicate with those around them.

  • Team Intelligence


    How a group of people communicate with each other and effectively work together as a team.

Build an extraordinary leadership pipeline with an individually customized development program based on their psychometric data and your organizational data.

Customized and continuous

ERT-i for Leaders is an experiential, self-directed program that gives your managers and senior-level leaders the tools to think differently, act differently and react differently.

The program is based on ERT-i growth opportunities identified in SurePeople's Prism® and organizational leadership gaps identified in the BIG3 Indicators®. Making it a truly customized experience that’s calibrated for each leader and re-calibrated every year to address new challenges facing your leaders.

Scale your leadership growth

Through live coaching, on-demand content and exercises, peer-to-peer interactions and self-reflection, your organization can create a leadership pipeline with the people skills needed to tackle strategic issues, effectively lead teams, drive innovation and build a culture of trust.

Unify your culture with SurePeople.