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20,000 Leagues of Personality, Part 3

Our channels of communication, the waters between us, can be a placid pond or a stormy sea. While we can carefully select our personal relationships, professional relationships aren’t always comprised of those like us. Yet, how we interact with others is a crucial and delicate art, its importance permeating the depths of all interactions from jovial through to sorrowful.

We ourselves might be precision-oriented, the type of person who obsesses over details and deadlines. But our teammate might be the type of person who thrives on spontaneity, flowing with the undulating tides of the moment. Further, our supervisor might be the type of person who keeps an eye to the periscope, clinging to sight of land, heedless of meddlesome minutiae between our position and that distant vision.

As modern offices continuously–and drastically–evolve, the buoys of human interaction remain as crucial as ever. With teammates working remotely, our differences in approaching communication and even conflict may become more pronounced than ever.

While it’s advised to consider—and reconsider—the myriad interpretations of a seemingly straight-shooting text message on Teams or Slack, it’s also vital that we consider our target. In this video, neuroscientist and educator Dr. Grace Lee charts a course to maneuver various personality types at work.

The advent of psychometric research, culminating with SurePeople’s own Prism®, allows us to further explore the depths of personality and human interaction. Like sonar giving us sight underwater, Prism allows us to see the paths between in-office and home-office.

This week, take a deep dive into SurePeople’s Relationship Advisor to learn how to develop better relationships. The understanding of psychometrics, of Prism® Portraits, helps us reemerge from the sometimes-lonesome Nautilus of remote work and back to the shores of connectivity.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl Jung

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