Through The Eyes Of Another

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Your Prism Portrait started your journey of introspection by allowing you to declare the most important aspects of yourself. In turn, you uncovered crucial information that allows you to think and reflect on who you are and what’s important to you through seeing your behaviors, traits, and attributes for what they are.

But to truly grow, we sometimes need to see ourselves through the eyes of the people around us. It’s these people with whom we have shared time, challenges, successes, and experiences in our daily lives that see aspects of us that we’ve grown comfortable with or forgotten. This power of “outrospection” is what can lead us to see further by revealing what makes us unique and valuable to others. For this, we use The Prism Lens.

The Lens applies the same data-driven methodology that created your unique Prism Personality but by asking others to weigh in on what they see in you. The results you’ll receive are a quick-hitting analysis of your most notable characteristics with a breakdown of what you can Leverage, Expand, Neutralize and Strengthen to be your best self.

Using this tool to learn how others see you, can greatly contribute to your understanding of the impact you have on them through the lens of psychometrics. It’s the starting point for generating exponential growth in your development.

Here’s how to make it work for you:

1. Visit the Prism Lens tool

2. Send a Lens request to a close contact or colleague

3. Review your results and consider how it fits with your view of yourself

4. Then, look for comparisons in the themes between your Prism Personality and the info in the LENS summary

5. Finally, consider what you can lean into more and what might need adjusting based on your findings.

The Prism Lens is your key to break through your biases and assumptions to turn real data and insights into action where it matters most—your relationships.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

― Aristotle

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