Life According to Precise People

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Prism® Stories: Precise Pablo

Everyone who knew Pablo appreciated him for his quiet care, thorough work, and systematic approach to life. At social gatherings, he was never the loudest voice in the room but always had a thoughtful perspective informed by data and logical thinking. Early in his academic career, he began gravitating towards engineering.

Pablo loved work defined by problem-solving and clear calculations. Whether he was buying a new pair of shoes or making a major life decision, he spent hours researching options before making a final decision. Around the house, his wife grew to accept that projects wouldn’t get finished quickly but that the quality would be well worth the wait.

While Pablo’s careful and analytic approach generally served him well, he started doubting himself after being passed over for several promotions at work. When asked about it, his boss relayed that though he was among the most talented engineers in the company, the leadership team had concerns about his ability to see the big picture and manage a team of people. Pablo often kept to himself, and such a role would require him to regularly engage with and present to others. It would also require developing teammates instead of burying himself in tasks.

He began intentionally strengthening his network, as advised in the video above, by organizing casual meetups with colleagues to learn more about them and their roles. He was surprised by how enriched he felt by these new connections.

Pablo further challenged himself to envision the future of his department and, as suggested in the video above, began planning how to get there. Come the following year, the promotion was his. Even so, he believed that the strides he made would have been valuable regardless.

For those in the Precise quadrant of the SurePeople Prism, life is about data and analysis. It’s from these that Precise individuals draw a sense of truth and a compass toward the answer to life’s many questions. Yet there are times when intangible sources of information—such as emotions—should also be heeded.

Precise people like Pablo also benefit from intentionally engaging others and allowing more of their inner world to shine through. These individuals are at their best when they develop the relationships and communication skills necessary to express their critical contributions to their teams and to the world at large.

“The sharpest minds often ruin their lives by overthinking the next step, while the dull win the race with eyes closed.”
– Bethany Brookbank

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