Baseball Winter Meetings Showcase How SurePeople is Helping MLB Teams Improve Coaching Effectiveness and Team Performance

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MLB coaching staffs, players and front offices are using SurePeople’s real-time communication coaching tools, development solutions and analytics to elevate team communication, accelerate athlete development and improve talent evaluation analysis.

CHICAGO, IL – February 24, 2023 – Major League Baseball’s annual Winter Meetings are one of the sport’s most important off-season events, attracting representatives of all 30 MLB teams and their minor league affiliates. At the 2022 conference this past December, SurePeople – a technology innovator dedicated to unlocking human potential – was invited to showcase its award-winning athlete development, communication and analytics platform to hundreds of managers, coaches and front-office personnel.

Already in use by multiple MLB teams, SurePeople’s platform is powered by a patented People Science OS, including Prism, a psychometric algorithm that provides comprehensive “portraits” of each coach and player across 54 key traits and attributes in areas such as Personality, Personality Under Pressure, Decision Making, Motivation, Conflict Management and Fundamental Needs. 

The combination of Prism’s insights and platform solutions, such as the Coaches Toolkit, empowers coaching staff to understand how to communicate with each player to inspire their best game-ready mindset, as well as more effectively navigate relationship and team dynamics. At the same time, players can increase their self-awareness and enhance Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence, improving their relationships with teammates and coaches. 

“We showcased our solutions to representatives from the MLB League Office, nearly every MLB team and their affiliates during the Winter Meetings. There was tremendous interest around leveraging People Science to elevate one-to-one communication, strengthen team chemistry and maximize team performance,” said Sean Flynn, SurePeople’s President, Sport & Education. 

Teams such as the Texas Rangers are also using SurePeople to improve talent evaluation analysis. Adam Lewkowicz, Director, Amateur Scouting Operations, said: “SurePeople allows our talent acquisition team to leverage advanced analytics so we can better understand how prospective talent will impact team chemistry and performance. Utilizing Prism’s insights in our scouting process has improved our decision making.” To date, more than 600 prospective Rangers recruits have taken Prism.

About SurePeople 

SurePeople’s patented software platform integrates people science, powered by its Prism psychometric algorithm, with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). SurePeople’s solutions include effective onboarding, team alignment and optimization, people skills development, and change management. SurePeople’s platform has been recognized for innovation and impact by leading research and analyst firms such as Brandon Hall Group, Deloitte Consulting, and Training Industry. Learn more at, subscribe to our blog, Evolve, and follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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