Prioritize Yourself

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When it comes to time, we typically think about how little of it we have. Our duties and responsibilities often consume our day’s focus with little room left to break free of old routines. When the day is over, it’s common to reflect on what we’ve sacrificed just to make it through. Over time, days can blend one into the next leaving passions and interests ignored and forgotten.

Taking the opportunity to prioritize yourself by making room for your most ambitious goals is an act of incremental change. It isn’t easy, but all it takes is a few mindful moments a few times a day to put your passions in perspective. Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Instead of starting your day by organizing routines and activities, prioritize yourself. Blocking out an hour in the morning to pursue a personal interest can ensure you’re activating your ambitions.
  2. Start today. Take an hour to yourself to consider what you’d love to learn, experience, do, create, make, or become. Pick the item that brings the most excitement and joy.
  3. Tomorrow, spend the first hour of your day exploring that single passion. Challenge yourself by setting a goal. What are you trying to accomplish? How will you get there? Treating your personal interests like you would your responsibilities, can ensure you’re taking them seriously and engaging in incremental progress.

There’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. Developing your passions can take days, weeks, months, or even years. But the most valuable part is that you’ll spend that time focused on real interests that make you into the person you want to be. Put yourself in perspective. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? When will you start? Here are a few thoughts from James Brooks about how to Consider Creative Possibilities when embracing change. Now, go make time for yourself.

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