Consistency vs. Perfection

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It’s often engrained in us to approach goal achievement by “reaching for greatness”. Dream scenarios are the catalyst for moving us forward even when the going gets rough. However, it’s through consistent action where progress is made and goals are actually realized. Whether it’s performance or personal fulfillment you’re reaching for—consistency trumps perfection every single time.

While it can be motivating to envision a future result that surpasses expectations, it’s within the ongoing incremental effort where the pride of workmanship kicks in. When we aim for consistency over perfection the benefits are undeniable. We’re taken more seriously by people around us because we show up and put in the effort necessary. We become more knowledgeable because perfection is rarely achieved on the first try. We’re empowered by the learning process where improvements are made. And finally, success becomes more achievable when constant progression is at the core of your plan.

According to James Brooks, Head of Innovation at SurePeople, the trick when changing your focus from all-or-nothing to consistent progression, is to uphold the idea that perfection is the enemy of greatness. That over time, with enough knowledge and know-how, greatness can be achieved but only through consistent effort. According to Brooks, “it’s important for people to remember that sometimes their standards are too high and it’s more important to quickly get things moving forward.”

This week, consider all the expectations you have in front of you. They may be your own of yourself, another’s of you, or yours of another. Ask yourself what you can let go of? How can you reduce expectations, standards, or requirements that are getting in the way of progressive momentum? Remember, greatness is always an option but without the first step, a second, and eventually a third—goals have a way of dissipating into thin air. It’s human nature, that without progress we’re easily prone to feeling the pangs of loss, stagnation, and unrealized potential. In almost every regard, it’s better to aim for consistency over perfection.

“ Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. ”
— E. James Rohn

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