The Merry Extrovert: Versatility & Voraciousness

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Balancing in a Blizzard

Those of us with highly energetic and sociable personalities may easily thrive during this time of year. Human connection and relationships are prevalent priorities around the holidays—and both are the milk and cookies for Versatile personalities. These are individuals who, as illustrated by the SurePeople Prism®, are vitalized by the very thought of social interaction, after all.

Yet, regardless of our natural inclination or aversion to social interaction, holiday commitments can be exhausting. Whether we’re entertaining or hosting, whether it’s gift shopping or work juggling, the demands of the holiday season are plenty. Thus must we focus on what makes each of us happy.

This time of year means different things for each of us. For some, it’s a religious context. For others, it’s about cherished memories. Others still fancy the pursuit of gadgets and gifts. Yet what we can see delineated in this video on the 85-year study on happiness, is that our connection to one another shouldn’t be overlooked.

While we may be invigorated by many things, our relationships and our interactions within them are the gifts that grant the most happiness. Though this gift isn’t exclusive to Versatile individuals, it’s they who are so eager to engage that they may spread themselves—or others—too thin. Excited by invitations and gatherings, they may overcommit themselves or those closest to them down a rapid toboggan ride to exhaustion.

To evade the voraciousness of these holiday demands, we must all seek daily moments of reflection. Consider our own wants and needs—and the wants and needs of those close to us. If we’re drawn to outings and interactions but our partner isn’t, balance social outings with private engagements.

This holiday season, whether we’re social butterflies or quiet contemplators, we mustn’t stretch ourselves beyond the limits of rest and reason. Activity and connection are important, but sometimes so are a cozy blanket and a large mug of soothing hot chocolate.

“Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.”
– Brené Brown

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