Fearmongering vs. Fact-Checking

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Stability vs. Anxiety

Though pandemic concerns had ebbed by the start of the year, inflation writhes around us and a potential shadow of recession looms ahead, inspiring apprehension about coming days. Fear of the future is natural of course, as each of us aspires to achieve some semblance of stability in our careers and lives.

The world, however, can sometimes be anything but stable, further conveyed here by psychologist Daniel Lobel. Stability can seem ever elusive, especially when we’re saturated in constant information, some of which may be intentionally worrisome, as covered in this Wall Street Journal video about recent layoffs.

While fears of layoffs are widespread, the reality has been mostly isolated to large technology firms whose workers quickly rebounded for the better. In times of worry, we must observe context to better cut through the troubling miasma and discover truth.

Though this modern era has largely been touted as the “information” age, it can sometimes feel more like the misinformation age. The barrage of constant information can be overwhelming. As Google’s Dart Lindsley and strategy advisor Ross Dawson delineate in this podcast, it is increasingly crucial that we focus on the right information.

Even more than that, we must focus on ourselves, as outlined in SurePeople’s stability tactics. Through moments of quiet tranquility, away from information overload, can we better gauge how to secure the fundamental needs identified in our unique Prism® Portraits.

Thus can we attain some of the stability we all long for.

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