The Yield of “Yet”

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Cultivating the Secret Garden Within, Part 3

“People don’t change,” goes the old saying. It might be more accurate to suggest that we can’t change someone else. Change, however, is indeed possible when we choose change in ourselves, as discussed here by Andrea Brandt, PhD. Through effort and determination, both our skills and even our perspectives can expand past presumed barriers, like overgrowth enveloping a fence.

As illustrated in this video, all it takes is a culture of “Yet.” If we find ourselves—or perhaps even someone close to us–shying away from a challenge because it requires a specific unacquired skill, or because of fear of failure, insist that the skill hasn’t been acquired yet. Insist that failure isn’t defeat, nor is it the pinnacle of our reach. Failure is simply a single branch in the climb for growth.

“I haven’t reached that goal yet.” “I don’t have the house of my dreams yet.” The addition of “yet” at the conclusion of fixed beliefs and thoughts helps that withered flower bloom with renewed vibrancy, as explored here by psychotherapist Richard B. Joelson.

A culture of “Yet” cultivates an attitude and belief that neither we nor our colleagues are ever truly fixed in place. We don’t have to be stuck in predetermined planters. We can try new things. We can seek (and listen to) feedback, then go and try again.

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“Fixed mindset worries in the nest and the growth mindset dances on the edge.”
– Amit Ray

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