Mental Health & the Athlete Experience

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“Stress-related illnesses are extremely common in professional sports, and they are becoming more so as the pressures on athletes increase”

Chairman of the sports and exercise division of the British Psychological Society Dr. Barry Cripps

Today, science-backed solutions can help coaches and staff members in sports organizations make the necessary adjustments to better support each other and athletes. We believe it is time to focus on the individuals in ways that help elevate everyone, optimize relationships, and transform organizations.

Mental health is an extremely prevalent issue in all areas of life, but in athletics specifically it has been a primary concern in recent years. Many athletes have suffered in different capacities from this issue, and some lives have even been lost. This is not only devastating for those families and individuals, but for everyone in the athletic community.

While there is no sure fix to this problem, any step towards a solution is an admirable one. Awareness of mental health resources could help the well-being of athletes everywhere…transcending their lives on and off the field. At SurePeople, we’re taking necessary steps and facing this issue in a new light.

Organizations are faced with many challenges. One issue is trouble relating to and understanding athletes. This prevents the development of relationships built on trust, which leads to a breakdown in communication and a lack of awareness of potential underlying mental health issues.

SurePeople is addressing these issues through the power of people science with individual-first solutions designed for coaches, staff, and athletes. Through AthleteX and Prism Analytics solutions, we can help build stronger relationships and improve self-awareness to preemptively stunt mental health issues before they arise.

While we know our remedies won’t solve everything, their potential to create any level of positive change in the athletic mental health landscape is something to be excited about.

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