The Makings of: In The Flow of Work

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Over the years, we at SurePeople have immersed ourselves in the exploration of the fields of psychology, leadership, communication, adult learning & development, human trait & behavioral theories, organizational development, data sciences, and others just to name more than a few. Our passion for people leads us in this endeavor to better understand what it is that makes us all tick as humans. What we’ve found is that human beings have an innate ability to find common ground and come together to embrace incredulous circumstances while overcoming innumerous obstacles.

Like metronomes we each march to the beat of our own drums. At times, we tick along irrespective of one another, sometimes at odds. More often than not, however, when given enough time in each other’s company—we naturally find a collective rhythm and begin to work in wondrous syncopation. In this way, even though human beings are complex, multi-dimensional, and different from one other—we each have a story to tell and deeply rely on one another for the varied experiences we bring and different rhythms we keep. Together we are a stronger more formidable force when we celebrate our differences in perfect harmony.

In The Flow of Work is a celebration of this self-discovery through continuous exploration of who we are individually and collectively. Each week for the past year and a half, members of the SurePeople platform have received weekly insights like those you’ll see in this column of the Evolve blog. Spanning a wide range of topics inspired by the foundations of Prism and ERTi, this content ties together concept & theory with practice & application.

Our goal, in the beginning, was to connect people together through shared experiences and messages of hope as a global pandemic raged on. In the end, what came of our need to connect was a deeper understanding of ourselves and a passion for sharing our love of the study of people—with people.

It is with great honor and privilege that we now offer ongoing public editorials ripe with insights, tips, and tricks for managing what it is to be human, in the flow of work.

Do you have an idea you want to share with an empowered community of self-aware professionals? If you’d like to contribute an idea or article to ‘In The Flow of Work’ on the Evolve blog, just send us a message or submit a post to our Head of Content, Adam Schneider

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