Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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Decisions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they define great moments of our lives where we choose to go in one direction over another. Other times, a series of small choices become a reminder of how one good or bad decision can lead to another. In this way, much of what we do can be distilled down to the decisions we make. How we present ourselves, the initiatives we take on, and the relationships we choose are all based on decisions we’ve made about who we are and who we want to be.

Typically, we think about decision-making in terms of making the right choices based on the outcomes we desire. However, how a decision is made can be even more important than the decision itself. For example, you might make the right decision but neglect to involve the right people. Inversely, you might involve all the right people but take too long to make the decision and let the right moment for taking action pass. Successful decisions are about both what and how things get done.

Many models and theories exist to help identify and explain the best approaches to decision making. These models are extremely helpful, especially if you first discover your own natural preferences and tendencies. Individual decision-making really involves two simple factors: how information is thought through and how quickly the information is acted upon. Prism’s Decision Making module focuses on patterns within these two areas of speed and communication to reveal important clues about how your decision-making style works and is perceived.

This week, take a deeper dive into how you naturally approach decisions by studying Decision Making in your Prism Portrait. Consider how long-standing preferences for how you make decisions might be impacting what you’re trying to accomplish.

“We are our choices.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

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