Relational Intelligence (R-i)

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Relational intelligence (R-i) is best expressed as emotional intelligence turned outward and is best experienced when it’s shared between two people. R-i is defined as the ability to manage human interactions with authenticity, empathy, and tact. This is important because when you can identify with and understand how others feel, you can build stronger and more effective relationships.

The tenants of R-i aid us in being able to actively listen to one another, act out of empathy, communicate compassionately and manage conflict effectively. Once we’re able to each monitor and self-regulate the magnitude of emotional states, together we empower each other exponentially. Nothing is perfect and often things go wrong. However, the faster we’re able to recognize where things went awry and quickly get them back on track together, the more we’re enacting a high level of R-i.

Your ability to communicate and relate to others on their emotional level is also necessary for creating an environment where people feel empowered to act on their natural instincts. The magic of R-i is that even when only one person is exhibiting a high level of it, the act of showing deep regard for another’s emotional state can model the way for others. As social beings, we often mirror and mimic each others’ attitudes and behaviors. R-i is a supercharged interpersonal communication methodology that brings out the best in everybody. Here’s a no-punches-pulled example of it from Celeste Headlee in her TED Talk, 10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation.

Lucky for you, there’s a prescriptive communication tool at your fingertips that’s a shortcut to more informed interpersonal communication. The Relationship Advisor provides instant intelligence on how best to communicate with others based on their unique personality, preferences, and needs. This week, consider Relational intelligence and see how you can put it to work in your connections that matter most.

“Recognize that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make positive impact on others”

-Shep Hyken

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