Why Your Attitude Matters To Others

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Recently we began experiencing a massive disruption in the typical flow of work. For many, this meant sheltering in place and learning how remote work can be simultaneously fulfilling, and an incredible challenge. For others, this meant forging ahead almost as if normal, but at an increased personal risk to mental health and physical wellbeing.

In both cases, we’ve had to adopt new ways for making the engine turn while keeping pointed down the road ahead. With this much change and disruption, everyone’s nerves, attitudes, and energy levels have taken a wild roller coaster ride. While it might not always be easy to keep fully engaged or feel like our best selves, the way we show up with the energy we bring, matters to the people around us.

As social beings, we feed off of the emotional surroundings that we’re presented. If the energy in the room is tense, we can become agitated or excitable. If the energy in the room is calm, we become loose and relaxed. The animated short, “The Present” by Jacob Frey is about how we’re sometimes prone to taking perspectives that can dictate our emotions and affect the energy we exert.

Whether physically together, or in a virtual zoom room—we owe a debt to the people that surround. It’s not always easy to bring your best self, keep a positive attitude, or steer the energy in the room. But the next time you come together as one, assess your reason for being and give others the experience they deserve.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

– Winston Churchill

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