When Personal & Professional Worlds Collide

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Our homes are no longer just a home. They’ve become our offices, movie theaters, gyms, restaurants, and coffee houses. In addition to being full-time employees during the workday, we’ve taken on responsibilities as daycare workers, educators, housekeepers, waiters, chefs, and healthcare practitioners—simultaneously.

However, the payout of this could be incredible. The merging of our personal and professional lives has opened a door between the two worlds where others can take a peek on through. This is a moment when your professional colleagues are brought a little closer into your personal life and the people around you— as you shelter in place—are brought closer into what you do professionally.

The mixing of these two aspects of our lives is certainly a new experience. It offers an opportunity to deepen self-awareness by exploring the different personas you employ in those different contexts. Do the people who live with you know what you do? Do they know how you present yourself at work? They will now. Vice versa, do the people you work with know the responsibilities you handle on the homefront? Do they know how you present yourself at home? They will now.

Take advantage of this moment to explore your full self and let others share in these worlds equitably. You never know who you might inspire just by being your full self. Who knows, it might even be you that ends up inspired. Through this observation, you might decide those two personas are drastically different—or not different enough. This is an opportunity to observe, reflect and augment what’s working and what’s not.

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

– Ansel Adams

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