Transformational Change

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Change occurs as a process, not as an event. It’s often in uncertain times that we become aware that we’re in the midst of great change. Discomfort, unrest and feelings of uncertainty are the hallmarks that change has on our emotions. It can be difficult in those moments to move forward, embrace a new reality, or even accept that change is occurring. In fact, the more strenuous the circumstances, the more we may experience ourselves resisting the change which holds us back from finding clarity and direction.

When it comes to personal development, we’ve come to call these experiences crucible moments. A crucible moment is, by definition, a transformative experience through which you come to a new, or altered, sense of identity. These are times when our character and courage is tested. Times where great strength can be unveiled.

Collectively, we’re in a “crucible” moment right now, and on a global scale. While at times we feel like we aren’t on solid ground, it’s important to remember that this is a process. There are many more directions this change has yet to take. However, the one that’s most important — and what is most within your control — is the change that will occur within you.

At SurePeople, we encourage you to acknowledge the moment, and step into the change at whatever level you can. Giving the best you can. We encourage you to strive to be present in the midst of all the noise. To help those around you see and feel the hope that also comes with transformational change.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

– Leo Tolstoy

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