Talent Tools

Be confident you're placing a candidate in a position to succeed in your organization.

  • Prism Analytics

    Prism® Analytics

    Make the smartest people decisions by connecting and leveraging all the people data across your organization.

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  • Relationship Advisor

    Relationship Advisor

    Use data-driven insights to see if a candidate will work effectively with their manager and peers.

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  • Team Advisor

    Team Advisor

    Know if a person will collaborate and add the right skills to the team, or disrupt it, by aligning individual and team data.

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Prism® Analytics

Bring all the people data together to bring in all the right people.

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Extraordinary depth and visibility

With Prism Analytics, you’ll be able to see, understand and leverage all the people data in your talent pipeline.

You can filter through the talent layers for real-time insights on the human factors that drive top performers, the balance of unique traits across teams and the different types of people that make up your culture. All in one simple yet comprehensive dashboard.

Make people decisions with data

This dynamic tool gives you talent intelligence for intelligent hiring and promotion decisions.

From filling the leadership gaps and hiring for cultural fit, to identifying high potential leaders and creating more balanced teams. Your people data provides a path to optimizing productivity and performance up and down the ranks.

Relationship Advisor

See how your top candidates will work with people before they even start working together.

Data-based relationship dynamics

The Relationship Advisor provides a side-by-side comparison of two people based on unique traits and psychometric data from the Prism.

It gives you real-time insights on how a potential candidate will work with different employees and how a potential promotion will manage different people.

Team Advisor

Use people data to align the right people and build collaborative teams.

Optimize your teams for success

This influential tool correlates an individuals’ Prism data with the traits, attributes and dynamics of a team. It gives you a view on the potential value and skills someone will bring to the team. And helps you to align the right people so you can optimize team performance with a candidate from the outside, or a promotion from the inside.

Be sure of your next hire.