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    Backed by Science.

    Our patented, award-winning Aris is powered by who people are to deliver what they need. At the core is the Prism algorithm, the industry’s most powerful psychometric and personal development application. Prism provides comprehensive portraits of each athlete and coach across more than 54 traits and attributes.

    Proven, Award-Winning Solutions to Maximize Coach,
    Athlete and Team Performance

    The Ultimate Coach’s Toolbox

    Next-Level Talent Acquisition Analysis

    Athlete Development & Self-Mastery

    Real-Time Feedback


    The Ultimate Coach’s Toolkit

    SureAthlete empowers managers, coaches and staff with science-driven communication coaching and development tools to maximize athlete and team performance.

    Quickly assess and improve team dynamics with powerful science-driven tools, including Coaching Cards, Communication Advisor and Team Advisor.

    • Know what to say to inspire, guide, and get athletes in their best game-ready mindset.

    • Gain a deeper understanding of what each athlete needs to perform at their highest level, based on who they are.

    • Identify and eliminate the root causes of individual and team conflict

    • Build team alignment and strengthen team chemistry

    Prism powers the ultimate
    coach’s toolkit:

    Game-Day Player Cards provide coaches with an at-a-glance, Prism psychometric portrait of every athlete. How is each athlete likely to respond in high-pressure situations? What are their unique fundamental needs and motivations? How do they handle conflict?

    Game-Day Player Cards provide coaches with practical, precision insights about improving communication to get athletes in their best, game-ready mindsets when it matters most.

    Communication Advisor provides two individuals with a side-by-side comparison of their Prism portraits. This tool empowers coaches to improve one-to-one communication, build trust and enhance collaboration with players, other coaching staff and the organization’s front office.

    Team Advisor provides coaching staff with Prism portrait comparisons of an entire team, with actionable insights for improving communication, reducing conflict and strengthening team alignment.


    With SureAthlete, we increased the effectiveness of our communication and
    coaching. We became more connected, and our team culture was unified. And,
    everyone was in a game-ready mindset when they needed to be. Our results for the
    season speak for themselves".

    Power Five Conference Head Coach

    Accelerate Athlete
    Development & Self-Mastery

    Accelerate each players’ growth with SureAthlete’s personalized, science-driven development solution. Our Aris automates prescriptive development recommendations based on each athlete’s unique Prism portrait and curates premium learning content and programs.


    Athletes receive a personalized roadmap for achieving greater self-awareness, identifying personal strengths and blind spots and mastering their emotional state – on and off the playing field.

    SureAthlete’s personal development journeys include an Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence (ERT-i) behavioral model. ERT-i is a critical set of power skills and leadership behaviors proven to strengthen team chemistry, support game-ready mindsets and improve the overall athlete experience. [ERT-i visuals].


    Next-Level Talent
    Acquisition Analysis

    Leverage Prism psychometric data and advanced analytics to provide your organization’s talent acquisition team with powerful precision insights about prospective talent.

    SureAthlete builds comprehensive portraits of each athlete across 54 traits and attributes such as Personality, Personality Under Pressure, Processing, Decision Making, Motivation, Conflict Management and Fundamental Needs.

    Reveal athletes’ greatest strengths and growth opportunities, how they will relate to coaches and other players, what motivates them, how they perform while under pressure and how they will likely impact those areas most critical to a team’s success.


    Ideal Portrait Match

    This tool provides coaches and front office personnel with deep views into the talent pool, based on aggregate Prism profiles.Profiles can be used to match talent with current open positions, evaluate prospective talent and their likely impact on team chemistry and performance, and reveal an organization’s greatest talent risks and growth opportunities.


    Real-time Feedback

    SureAthlete empowers organizations to monitor athlete sentiment, increase transparency and strengthen team chemistry through integrated survey tools.


    Coaching staff can leverage insights from the SureAthlete Team Culture Index (TCI) survey – as well as easily create customized pulse surveys – to understand player sentiment and address problems before they escalate.

    Real-time feedback results in a strengthened bond between coaches and athletes through improved understanding and communication.