for Personal Success

Personalized development the way it should be. Humanistic, continuous, led by your people and driven by their psychometric data.

The experience begins with self-awareness and human-based data that's clearly presented in SurePeople's psychometric algorithm, the Prism.

Automated, full-scale and personalized

The Prism analyzes over 50 human traits and skills across seven integrated modules, including: Primary Personality; Personality Under Pressure; Processing; Decision Making; Conflict Management; Motivation; and Fundamental Needs.

These powerful insights give your people greater self-awareness, while machine learning uses this scientific data to individualize a development program that helps your employees take command of their success.

On-demand and ongoing self-development

The Prism for Personal Success provides everyone with a custom, data-driven and measurable program for growth inside and outside of the workplace.

Your employees will be guided through practical development strategies, build knowledge through over 70 practice areas to choose from based on their data and access an on-demand multimedia library of curated content that addresses their unique needs.

Learning in real-time, all the time

SurePeople’s Knowledge Center creates an engaging experience that helps your people build knowledge quickly, easily and on their own terms.

Your employees will have unlimited access to an extensive multimedia library of learning content with personalized development strategies, actionable insights and helpful articles from top-tier publications and executive coaches.

Unify your culture with SurePeople.