Alignment Tools

Unlock the value of all your data with actionable insights and integrated applications that impact performance and productivity.

  • BIG<strong>3</strong> Indicators

    BIG3 Indicators®

    Quickly assess culture by measuring how people truly feel about trust, engagement and leadership at your organization.

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  • SurePeople Programs

    Team Advisor

    Align your people and effectively manage them to shared success by connecting and leveraging individual Prism® data.

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  • Pulse Surveys

    Pulse Surveys

    Listen to your people on a continuous basis with a customizable survey tool that gathers instant feedback on the topics you choose.

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  • Perform


    Clear a path to productivity and performance with integrated tools that make employee-manager alignment easy and continuous.

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  • Intelligent Onboarding


    Automate and deliver a seamless and consistent experience that quickly sets up new employees for success in your culture.

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  • Spectrum Analytics


    Real-time visibility into every layer of your organization with one dashboard that turns data into a people management tool.

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BIG3 Indicators®

Build a high-performing, unified culture by understanding how people feel about trust, engagement and leadership at your company.

Uncover causes and conditions

The BIG3 Indicators quickly gauges valuable feedback from your most important asset—your people. Through anonymous feedback that can be parsed for any specification, you’ll understand how employees truly feel about your:

  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Leadership

From problem to solution

We analyze the data for you and make the most out of this real-time feedback. Machine learning moves it all into on-demand applications, tools and development programs based on real data. It puts your people front and center. It puts your organization in the best position to succeed on all levels.

Team Advisor

Keep your teams on the right track and lead them to high-performance.

Fast insights for fast alignment

Leveraging people data from the Prism, this tool gives leaders a collective view on the individuals brought together to reach your business goals. Machine learning turns individual data into team dynamics that you can see and real-time advice you can use to lead.

Set for shared success

Data-driven insights and collaborative coaching tips provide quick vision and direction for your leaders. Helping them to build the right teams from the start, spark motivation and innovation in existing teams and work together to deliver high-performance.

Pulse Surveys

Keep a pulse on the issues that matter to your people, your business and your customers.

Flexible and scalable

This survey tool gives you the ability and autonomy to gather real-time feedback across channels. Inside and outside of your organization.

Easily create your own anonymous survey to administer to a specific department, company-wide, select partners or different customers.

Instant and actionable feedback

Pulse Surveys will identify strengths, uncover trends and pinpoint issues in real-time, at any time. Through machine learning, our cloud-based solution turns feedback into actionable insights, programs and integrated tools that solve your ongoing needs.


One system that makes managing productivity and performance simple, agile, continuous and measurable on all levels.

Easily manage and measure competencies

Integrate and present core competencies to quickly align your organization, manager and team to the individual and what’s expected in their role.

Moving forward, you’ll be able to assess and optimize employee performance through multi-dimensional feedback and real-time evaluations from managers, peers and individuals themselves.

Set clear and transparent goals

Perform’s Blueprint tool gives your people the ability to create a strategic plan and objectives, easily align with their managers and teams, optimize productivity and gather real-time feedback.

It will help your company create a culture of trust and accountability where employees are continuously working towards their goals and your business goals.

Intelligent Onboarding

Deliver a human-centered experience that quickly connects people to what they need to succeed in your organization.

Accelerate collaboration and productivity

Get your hire’s ready to produce and perform quicker with a consistent onboarding experience that’s intelligent, machine-driven and personalized.

This efficient and self-directed tool helps new employees quickly understand your organization and its people, increase self-awareness for success in their role, build relationships and connect with colleagues for feedback and best practices.

Effectively pivot and promote

For internal promotions, Intelligent Onboarding provides an immediate and lasting impact for your people. They’ll be able to quickly transition to a new role and responsibilities, understand the organization on a different level, reframe their thinking and equip themselves with the skills needed for success.

Spectrum Analytics

See your organization in a whole new way.

Bring all the data together

With Spectrum Analytics, you’ll be able to see all your data, filter it, understand it and capitalize on it.

This tool simplifies it all in one dashboard. And, gives you the power to breakthrough and breakdown organizational layers for real-time reports on:

  • Psychometrics, demographics and competencies
  • Individual and team performance indicators
  • Programs, activities and engagement

Data to manage people and business

All your data is connected and presented, providing immediate insights to support your business decisions and people-based initiatives. From talent acquisition and team mapping, to leadership development and succession planning. Your data provides the foundation in building a high-performing, unified culture of trust.

Unify your culture with SurePeople.