Leadership Development

Identify, develop and empower more diverse, higher-performing leaders across all levels of the organization – from the C-suite to the individual contributor.

Develop Essential Leadership Skills for the Future of Work

Accelerate Development of the Highest-Impact Leadership Behaviors

  • Help leaders increase their self-awareness, gain a deeper understanding of personal strengths & blind spots and improve communication with an integrated Prism psychometric assessment.
  • Develop the 10 highest-impact leadership skills and behaviors across Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence (ERT-i) to improve leaders’ ability to relate to others, build team alignment and successfully lead change.
  • Accelerate speed to development with autonomously generated prescriptive learning programs and content from our Knowledge Center and world-class partners, such as Harvard Business Publishing, or import your custom content.
Support Leaders In the Flow of Work with Powerful Tools For Increased Effectiveness

Transform How Leaders Apply Skills in the Flow of Work and Manage their Teams

  • Help leaders and their team members understand each other, navigate relationships more effectively, build alignment and strengthen team chemistry with tools in the flow of work, including Relationship Advisor and Team Advisor.
  • Eliminate conflict and performance issues by conducting root-cause analyses, based on who people are (psychometrics), how people think and feel (anonymous feedback) and how people behave and perform (competencies).
  • Reduce onboarding cycle time, quickly assimilate new team members and accelerate time to full productivity by leveraging Prism insights within Relationship Advisor and Team Advisor.
Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today with Unbiased Data

Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today with Unbiased Data

  • Gain deeper views into the organizational talent pool and identify hidden, more diverse talent using unbiased data sets, including Prism psychometricsand ERT-i competencies.
  • Filter and sort unbiased data dynamically match individuals to new roles, projects and teams.
  • Make more accurate, data-driven talent decisions to increase leadership bench strength and reduce “buy” spend by developing talent internally.