Workforce Tools

Cloud-based applications that move your people and business forward, together.

Social Newsfeed

Full-scale communications, collaboration and engagement with a personalized view.

Social Newsfeed

Connect everyone to everything

Company announcements, discussion threads, peer recognition, community polling, thought leadership content and more. It’s all here in one engaging view that’s personalized, available on-demand and secured in the cloud.

Unify your organization

The Social Newsfeed gives your employees a common touchpoint that builds trust, transparency and unity across titles, departments and offices. It connects people to people, breaks down silos and sparks innovation through collaboration.

Public & Private Networks

Turn peers into collaborative teams, shared ideas into action and leaders into nearby mentors.

Breakthrough communication barriers

Modernize the way your people work together, no matter where they are. With the click of a button, employees can set up public or private groups to launch projects, team up on ideas, get advice from mentors, share files, conduct polls, chat and keep everyone on the same page.

Relationship Advisor

Form positive interpersonal relationships with data-driven insights and collaborative coaching tips.

Identify relationship dynamics

While the Prism® gives everyone greater self-awareness, the Relationship Advisor gives everyone greater empathy. This influential tool provides one-on-one comparisons based on individual traits and attributes. And turns those insights into actionable advice.

Improve collaboration and trust

Personalized communication tips and techniques are immediately generated to guide people to the most productive relationships at work. From first-time meetings to conflict resolution, this tool will help you create a positive culture across personalities.

Unify your culture with SurePeople.