Culture Data

Fast insights to power fast change

SurePeople’s BIG3 Indicators® will pinpoint your trust, leadership and engagement challenges by department, location and beyond.

This data moves through our cloud-based solution, giving you tools that scale and adapt to where you want to be.

People Data

Prism Screenshot

Simplify your employee life cycle

SurePeople’s Prism® is a psychometric algorithm that analyzes over 50 human traits and skills across seven integrated modules, including: Primary Personality; Personality Under Pressure; Processing; Decision Making; Conflict Management; Motivation; and Fundamental Needs.

The Prism gives you the power to capitalize on people analytics. And sets in motion a new and improved employee experience, from acquisition to retention, through one integrated solution.

Accurate, reliable and based on science

Proven with scientific reliability, validity and decades of proprietary research across more than 47 nationalities, the Prism is built on a set of testing standards collectively developed by the American Educational Research Association (AERA), American Psychological Association (APA) and National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME).

The Prism exceeds all standards established for psychometric assessments, including: internal consistency and reliability, construct validity, and test-retest validity and reliability.

Performance Data

Agile, actionable and ongoing

Humanize and modernize your performance evaluation system with human-based data in real-time and over-time.

SurePeople provides an intuitive system to assess people's performance – through self, peer and manager evaluations – based on their behaviors and competencies aligned with emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®).

This data goes way beyond valuable context for reviews and ongoing feedback. It measures the ERT-iQ of individuals, teams and organizations to help unify your culture by shaping development strategies and programs for all your employees to take action and grow.

Unify your culture with SurePeople.