SurePeople’s Phyllis Millikan Featured: Unlabeled Leadership Podcast

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SurePeople’s EVP, Client Solutions & Partnerships, Phyllis Millikan sits down with Gary A. DePaul, Ph.D. to discuss the small acts of leadership that can have a large impact on our careers, teams and organizations.

Phyllis discusses the importance of strengthening self-awareness, empowering one’s team and increasing Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence.

The episode is now available across several platforms, including Spotify, Google, and Anchor.

To learn about the 10 foundational practices of Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence (ERT-i), see our video series:

Leveraging ERT-i for Work and Life Success, Part 1

Leveraging ERT-i for Work and Life Success, Part 2

Leveraging ERT-i for Work and Life Success, Part 3

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