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Keeping yourself focused on priorities that matter while working remotely is a challenge to be reckoned with. As we’ve adapted to the new ways of remote work, we’ve had time to experience the added complexity of separation from our colleagues and teams.

When voluntary, working at home can be a fulfilling experience. However, the loss of structure can leave some scrambling to adopt or stabilize new working processes. While there’s plenty of advice about waking up early or practicing new routines, the increased ambiguity from a lack of connection to our teams could be driving difficulty for some in knowing how to prioritize work.

In moments when everything can simultaneously feel like top-priority and a potential back-burner issue, it’s helpful to have a mental model for prioritizing tasks. This Inc article about how the late Steven Covey uses a simple parable to decide what’s important and what’s not might help you better prioritize your day.

As well, take a few moments today to explore the tools and content below that were suggested just for you.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

– Steven Covey

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