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    The human-centered, AI-powered operating system.


    Powered by who you are.
    Delivering what you need.TM

    Welcome to Aris – the human-centered, AI-driven operating system – where people science,
    context-aware data, and an extensive knowledge base integrate with personalized apps
    and tools, empowering people to unlock their full potential in work, life, and play.

    The Pinnacle of Psychometric Algorithms.
    Unparalleled and Comprehensive.

    At the heart of Aris is Prism® – a proprietary psychometric algorithm that measures 54 key traits and attributes, providing the richest, most nuanced understanding of how we – and those around us – are naturally wired.

    • How do you show up?

    • What motivates you?

    • How do you perform under pressure?

    • How do you process information?

    • How do you handle conflict?

    • How do others perceive you?

    • What are your strengths & blind spots?

    • What are your growth opportunities?


    Prism provides an immersive '3D view' of the whole person, capturing their true essence. It's the equivalent of harnessing the power of six assessments, all combined into one seamless experience – surpassing any other psychometric tool I've encountered before.


    Chris Newell

    Senior Director of Learning and Development

    Aris guides you through the journey from self-awareness to personalized development and growth. Driven by science.

    To complement the power of Prism, Aris collects data about how people think, feel, behave and perform though integrated survey and 360 assessment software capabilities, as well as from external data sources such as health, wellness, and mood data. This provides users with a more holistic view of their well-being and performance.

    Master Power Skills: Emotional,
    Relational and Team Intelligence

    Our integrated ERT-i behavioral model empowers individuals, teams and organizations to accelerate the development of high-impact behaviors scientifically proven to enhance well-bring and optimize high-performance.

    Master the behaviors of high-performance.

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    • Know Yourself

    • Manage Yourself

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    • Act With Empathy

    • Communicate with Impact

    • Resolve Conflict

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    • Collaborate

    • Adapt to Change

    • Be Receptive to Feedback

    Communicate with
    Greater Impact


    Communicate with
    Greater Impact

    Aris includes powerful communication coaching tools, including Relationship Advisor. Compare two or more Prism Portraits side-by-side and immediately increase your understanding of how others are naturally wired.

    Whether you’re a manager, coach or parent, get actionable advice about communicating, collaborating and navigating relationship dynamics more effectively before or during any meeting or interaction.

    Optimize Any Team for
    Higher Performance


    Optimize Any Team for
    Higher Performance

    Aris provides leaders, managers, consultants and coaches with a powerful toolkit to increase leadership effectiveness and build higher-performing teams in in-house,remote and hybrid environments.

    With our Team Advisor tool, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of each team member via their Prism Portraits. Get actionable advice about communicating with team members more effectively based on how each person is wired. Practice ERT-i behaviors that build greater trust and psychological safety. And strengthen team alignment and collaboration.


    Eliminate the Root Causes of People Challenges.

    Aris uniquely captures, synthesizes and correlates three critical data sets – who people are, how people think/feel and how people behave/perform – to identify the underlying causes of people challenges in any team or organization. 

    Move seamlessly from people data to predictive insights and prescriptive actions. Make targeted interventions at the individual, team or enterprise level – where they matter most – to drive the greatest impact. 

    Learn how Aris powers our solutions.